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Software as a Service (SaaS) for Medical Transcription

This aspect of the 360REGISTRY™ provides software services to users who require medical transcription capabilities. It complements the PaaS by offering specialized medical transcription software through the cloud. 

Backed by Nano Artificial Intelligence Data Armor (N.A.I.D.A.™) -  our backbone technology built to drive infinite data and carry information anywhere, anytime on any device.


Data Cloud

Cloud Delivery

As a SaaS offering, users can access the software remotely without the need for local installations. This simplifies deployment and maintenance.




SaaS services are typically scalable, allowing users to adjust resources and capacity as needed to handle varying transcription workloads.


Data Processing

Security, Compliance

Given the sensitive nature of medical data, TransRx includes robust security and compliance measures to ensure privacy and adhere to healthcare regulations.


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