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Everyday, I see over 20 patients and clock more than 3 hours to access, manage and endorse health care records. Between the patients, our records and my time, there needs to be a better way to manage this. 

- Dr. Michael Matthews

Oncologist, Frontliner


The Picture of Health

360REGISTRY    is an interactive platform that provides a better equitable health care experience by transforming today's health care delivery. Free for the public, its licensed edition for Providers and Physicians works seamlessly to transform the delivery of care.


With interoperable accurate data creation and real-time health care monitoring, 360REGISTRY    empowers consumers and the professional medical community to experience a better health care system and actively build the future of health, today!


Experience better health care management for everyone - anytime, anywhere, any device.


Social Network | Interoperability | Regulatory Compliance

  • Data Profile and Capture

  • Permission Sharing

  • Data Transcription and Storage & Management

  • Health Care Calendar and Alerts

  • Prescription Alerts

  • Telehealth

  • Health Care Directives

  • Reciprocity

  • Advanced Care Planning

  • Virtual Palliative Care

  • Digital Notarization


In-home | Community | Hubs

  • Health Care Signage

  • Risk Assessments

  • CDC-Compliant Isolation

  • Mobile kiosks: hospitals doctors' offices, insurance companies, schools, airports, universities, health care facilities, pharmacies and lifestyle hubs.

Backed by Nano Artificial Intelligence Data Armor (N.A.I.D.A.™) - the backbone technology that manages our communication gateway between 360REGISTRY™, 360SENSE™ and 360SPACES™.

Introducing the N.A.I.D.A™ (NAY-DaH) Platform - The Global Health Alert & Response Data Appliance.


We believe in Future Health.

Future Health Requires Personal Data Control.

Personal Data Control leads to an augmented data reality.


Using the N.A.I.D.A™ technology, we created a platform for contingency and disaster recovery planning.

  • N.A.I.D.A.™ is the best in Contingency Planning 

  • N.A.I.D.A.™, can be used to support advances in biology to create faster vaccines, track logistics, and combat chemical and biological terrorism, and epidemics.

  • It can also be used to support Research & Development projects.

  • N.A.I.D.A.™, can be used for Predictable Outcome Measures as well as the support of Diagnostic Tools that can assess risk and create Treatment Approaches.



Better health care experience, ease of use and permission-based shareability, anywhere, anytime, any device.



Download 360REGISTRY     for FREE and instantly store, share, and get digital assistance in managing your health care. Enjoy reciprocity and peace of mind with accessible health care data.


Physicians | Practitioners

Sign up for the 360REGISTRY

license and lock in more quality time for patient care. Secure direct access to your patient's health care data and directives in real-time, anywhere from any device. Plus, get incentives for referred paid patient accounts.



Acquire the 360REGISTRY     license and install a Kiosk onsite and achieve HIT, Health care Information Interoperability to improve patient care, cut costs, save time, and reduce daily inaccuracies in the workplace.


Think Tank

JaLisa Johnson



JaLisa Johnson belongs to the 9% of African Americans who successfully secured patents for their proprietary designs.

In 2015, Ms. Johnson founded Virtual Emerging Technologies Solutions LLC(V-ETS). She specializes in designing IT Architecture Solutions for the health care and emergency management industry.

At the peak of the pandemic, she built a wireless 24/7 Health Emergency Command Center, in collaboration with a trusted Internet Connection for the Department of Health for the District of Columbia, to increase the State's capacity of First Responders and improve the provision of care for the state, during this critical time in our history.

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